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For students

On this page you will find links, tips and information that are important and useful for info students. If you feel that something is missing, you can contact the current COOs of the study program or email 💚

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Thesis process

You should start thinking about your thesis at the beginning of your Master’s degree. For info students, a material bank has been compiled to guide you through the different stages of dissertation work: tips, materials and good practices.

What are the different topics on which the students of Information Networks have written their theses? For examples you can go to Aalto Doc and Search Master’s Theses with search word “Informaatioverkostot”.

👥 Who to ask for help?

General study guidance, Personal Study Plan (HOPS), Studies completed outside Aalto University…
Tarja Timonen, Student Counsellor

Accepting the Personal Study Plan, Thesis topic, Returning your thesis,  graduation…
Hanna Alve, Study Coordinator

Exchange studies, destinations, scholarships
Mari Dagnall, Study Coordinator

Big problems, harassment, student rights, “escalation” to SCI-level
Mari Knuuttila, Head of Student Affairs

All things related to Info you can think of
Risto Sarvas, Director of the Information Networks Programme or rather on Telegram @rsarvas

Master’s degree major-related questions
Software Engineering and Architectures:
User, Data and Design:
Digital Ethics, Society and Policy:
Business and Organisational Design:

📢 Communication channels

Students have different groupchats, for example, there is a group for Master’s students.

There are also communication channels for the Info Programme Manager and the Info COOs, where current information is distributed to Info students.

The groups and channels are usually easily accessed by tugging on the sleeves of other students, or for example the COOs of the moment!

🔗 Useful links

🖊 Student guide: Master’s