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In the alumni survey conducted in summer 2023, 73% of alumni who responded to the survey said they chose the study programme because they were unsure of their direction or future aspirations, or because the programme’s diversity, interdisciplinarity and breadth kept many doors open.

In the same survey, 89% said they were happy with where they were in their career and felt they had found their place.

So, the study programme and student life help you to be well equipped to discover your strengths and interests, and harness them for your career.

97% of alumni reported that they are currently employed.


94 % of alumni find the work they do interesting

Good match

91% of alumni feel they can use the skills they have learnt in their studies in their work


83% of alumni find their work meaningful

30% of alumni said they had worked abroad at some point in their career, for example in Sweden, Germany, the US and the UK.

Different career paths…

Software Developer, CEO, UX Designer, Analyst, Product Manager, Product Owner, Consultant, Full-stack Developer, Researcher, Team Lead, Project Manager, Service Designer, CTO, Development Manager, Co-Founder, Strategic Designer, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, Head of Strategy,…


Some of the companies where our alumni work


Info student’s competences toolkit

We asked the alumni which things in their studies in particular prepared them for working life, and what is the core of info’s competences, i.e. what is in the info student’s competence toolkit:

  • Group work and projects: working with people
  • The courage to take action and to be open-minded in taking on new challenges
  • Learning and assimilating things quickly
  • Tolerance with uncertainty
  • A diverse and broad understanding of technology, business, and society
  • Social networks and social skills

Is Info the place for you?

Are you interested in learning about a wide range of subjects?
Do you want to keep many doors open?

Do you want to learn about technology in a user- and people-oriented way?

Do you want to study as part of a vibrant and warm student community?

These are just a few of the reasons why info alumni said they chose Information Networks as their field of study.
So if this sounds familiar, info could be the place for you!